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This virtual community center is being created by citizens throughout the county of Hillsdale Michigan who are participating in a grant project entitled Information Technology for Community and Intergovernmental Cooperation (ITCIC). The ITCIC project is being developed with oversight from a broad Community and Intergovernmental Coordination Committee, comprised of representatives from the community, local units of governments, and key agency and business leaders.

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Be an Informed Voter

The next election date in Hillsdale County will be August 5, 2014. This will be a Primary Election for many offices, including County Commissioner and State Representative. 


If you have questions you may call the Hillsdale County Clerk's office at 517-437-3391, or visit www.michigan.gov/sos and click on Elections on the left side menu.


Michindoh Aquifer

In October 2007, the City of Bryan Ohio (Williams County Ohio), petitioned the United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to designate the aquifer from which Bryan draws its drinking water as a "sole source aquifer." This has led to considerable discussion in Hillsdale County in 2009 and 2010 as to the need for such a designation, and what the implications would be should the aquifer be so designated. To read more about this issue, please go to http://www.epa.gov/r5water/gwdw/michindoh/index.htm . You may also read more about it in the Hillsdale Daily News at http://www.hillsdale.net

Don't Move Firewood
Many people do not know that Hillsdale County is under a quarantine related to moving wood out of the county. In 2004, the Emerald Ash Borer was found in Hillsdale County, especially along the southern boarder. Many thousands of ash trees in the county are in the process of being cut down and destroyed in an effort to prevent the spread of this insect. But, many people take their wood from home to their campsite or cottage in other counties or even other states. This is prohibited by the quarantine. You must leave the wood on your property. For more information, contact the Michigan State University Extension office for Hillsdale County at 517-439-9301 or one of the following web pages


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