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Agricultural Issues
Between 1982 - 1992 the number of farms in the County decreased 25%

The total number of acres devoted to farming has dropped from 264,630 acres in 1982 to 231,557 acres in 1992, a loss of 33,073 acres (-12%).

There has been no county wide plan to encourage the protection and preservation of farmland.

Residential sprawl into the countryside is contributiong to a loss of farmland; a loss of the rural character of the County; an increase in the demand of municipal services; and, an increase in the expenditure of public funds to meet the demands of the sprawling residents of the County.

The rapid increase in lot splits contributes to the fragmentation of the rural countryside.

The suburbanization of the agricultural areas contributes to conflicts between agricultural and residential uses. Agricultural noise, dust, and odors are often times objectionable to adjacent suburbanites.
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