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Types and Number of Farms
The diversity of crops grown in the county is quite extrordinary. The growing conditions within the county allow producers to be creative in choosing the type of farming operation they wish to utilize to be productive. The last census found 1081 farms in the county. These can be farms operating green house operations growing vegetables or perrenials on 20 acres of land to cash grain operations covering thousands of acres producing hundreds of thousands bushels of grain. The annual average of agricultural production in the county is over 60,000,000 per year with average income per farm being around 58,000 per year. One of the biggest issues facing agriculture in Hillsdale County is the loss of farm land due to development. Farmland acreage is declining 1% per year which may not sound like much but figures to over 1,000 acres per year. For more information, check out the link below. No-till Corn [Click here to view full size picture]
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