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Hillsdale Arts Chorale
Arts Chorale Program Cover Art for 45th Year. [Click here to view full size picture]

The Hillsdale Arts Chorale is under the direction of Andrea VanDeusen, a Hillsdale native and a doctoral student at Michigan State University.  For 42 years, residents from all across the Hillsdale community have enjoyed a remarkable chorale group whose missing is presenting some of the most enduring works of classical music.


Established in 1973, the Hillsdale Arts Chorale offers four concerts a year in Hillsdale, with most of its members from the area, however, the quality of the Chorale has gained the group a reputation that extends beyond the county borders, with performances across Michigan.


Tickets can be purchased by calling (517) 849-2410 or writing to:

Hillsdale Arts Chorale

PO Box 215

Jonesville, MI  49250


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