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Local Government of Hillsdale County Michigan
Hillsdale County Welcomes You [Click here to view full size picture] Located in the central part of the southern tier of lower Michigan counties, Hillsdale County was named for the terrain which features "hills and dales." A "dale" is a valley, or an elongated depression of the earth's surface commonly situated between ranges of hills or mountains.

Although there are no mountains in Hillsdale County, there are heights that rise 1,250 feet above sea level giving life to the headwaters for five major rivers that drain into Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. Topographical maps indicate that the highest point in the county is located at the corners of Wood and Kelso Roads in Wheatland Township.

As a major watershed with more than 100 lakes, and as many ponds, the rivers that begin within the county's borders include the St. Joseph flowing into Lake Michigan, the St. Joseph of the Maumee, the Kalamazoo, the Grand and the Raisin. Spring fed, the rivers flow north, south, east and west from the highlands.
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Hillsdale County Government
Offices and Services
Ambulance Services
Audit Reports for government units
Board of Commissioners
County Clerk
County Treasurer
County-wide Property Search
Courts in Hillsdale County
Emergency Management Office
Equalization & Land Information
Geographic Information System
Industrial Development Commission
Inspection & Environmental Services Department
Parks Commission
Planning Commission
Register of Deeds
Road Commission
Sheriff's Department

Hillsdale County Townships
Adams Township
A Gov't Directory - Adams Township
Allen Township
A Gov't Directory -- Allen Township
Amboy Township
A Gov't Directory - Amboy Township
Amboy Township Churches
Cemetery Prices
Current Events
Fire Dept Coverage
Lake Diane
Meeting Minutes Jan 2009 - Sept 2016
Meeting Minutes Oct 2016 to Dec 2020
Merry Lake
Cambria Township
December 2011
Township Hall and Park
A Gov't Directory - Cambria Township
utilities and services
Recreation in Cambria Township
winter is here
meeting Jan 2011
Feb 08,11
March Township meeting
April township meeting
Township meeting, May 2010
June meeting
July meeting 2011
Aug meeting 2011
Sept 2011
Oct. .2011
Cambria Township Nov 2011
Camden Township
A Gov't Directory - Camden Township
Fayette Township
A Gov't Directory - Fayette Township
Office Hours
Fayette Township Zoning Ordinance
Fayette Township Land Use Documents
Sunset View Cemetery
Election Notice
Permanent Absentee Voter Notice
Michigan Voter Rights & Responsibilities
Upcoming Election Information
Voter Registration Form
Absentee Voter Application
Military/Overseas Voters
Hillsdale Township
Hillsdale Township New Website
Master Plan
Hillsdale Township Fire Department
2014 -2015 Township Board Minutes
Hall rental Hillsdale 49242
Current Public Notices & Announcements
Board Meeting Agenda
A Gov't Directory - Hillsdale Township
Township Board Minutes
Planning Commission Minutes
Zoning Ordinance
Budget Fiscal Year
Hillsdale Township Newsletter
Jefferson Township
A Gov't Directory - Jefferson Township
Board of Review dates
Freedom of Information Act
Jefferson Township Newsletter
Land Division Application
Pittsford Jefferson Fire Board Meetings
Proposed Agenda
Township Board Minutes
township Board Meetings
Litchfield Township
A Gov't Directory - Litchfield Township
Moscow Township
A Gov't Directory - Moscow Township
Moscow Township official web site
Pittsford Township
A Gov't Directory - Pittsford Township
Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Permit Forms
Ransom Township
A Gov't Directory - Ransom Township
Selected Township Resolutions
Township Board Minutes
Reading Township
A Gov't Directory - Reading Township
A Summary of Activities
Bid Specifications - Parking Lot, Sidewalk, Door Pad and Parking Pad
Meeting Minutes (January 2004 - October 2010)
Meeting Minutes (November 2010 to present)
Planning Commission Minutes ( November 2011 to Present)
Planning Commission Zoning Amendments
Public Hearing - December 9, 2013 (Floodplain)
Public Hearing June 1, 2010 (Wind Generating Systems)
Public Hearing March 21, 2016 (Zoning Amendments)
Public Hearing May 2, 2011 (Wind Energy Buffer Zone)
Public Hearing September 9, 2010 (Wind Generating Systems)
Reading Township Audit
Reading Township Budget - 2005/2006
Reading Township Budget - 2006/2007
Reading Township Budget - 2007/2008
Reading Township Budget - 2008/2009
Reading Township Budget - 2009/2010
Reading Township Budget - 2011/2012
Reading Township Tax Collection
Reading Township Zoning
Sewer Engineering Feasibility Study Report
Take the Sewer and Water Survey
Scipio Township
A Gov't Directory - Scipio Township
Somerset Township
A Gov't Directory - Somerset Township
Wheatland Township
A Gov't Directory - Wheatland Township
Zoning Ordinance
Woodbridge Township
A Gov't Directory -- Woodbridge Township
Devine Cemetery, Woodbridge Twp.
Devine Cemetery, Woodbridge Twp.
Devine Cemetery, Woodbridge Twp.
Woodbridge Township Cemetery
Woodbridge Township Fire Department
Woodbridge Township History
Wright Township
FOIA Forms
A Gov't Directory - Wright Township
Township Audit Reports
Township Fiscal Budgets
Township Board Minutes
Absent Voter Application
Cemetery Prices
Land Division Application
Lime Lake/Prattville Sewer

Hillsdale County Villages
Village of Allen
A Gov't Directory - Village of Allen
Village of Camden
A Gov't Directory - Village of Camden
What's happening in Camden.
Village of Jonesville
A Gov't Directory - City of Jonesville
Jonesville City Website
Village of Montgomery
A Gov't Directory -Village of Montgomery
Village of North Adams
A Gov't Directory - Village of N. Adams
Hamlet of Pittsford
A Gov't Directory - Hamlet of Pittsford
Village of Waldron
CVTRS Report
FOIA Forms
Act 51 18j Information
A Gov't Directory - Village of Waldron
Village Audit Reports
Village Fiscal Budgets
Village Council Minutes
Village Council Committees
Village Departments
Village Treasurer Reports
Village Ordinances
Village Legal Agreements & Resolutions
Village Water Quality Reports
Waldron Area Churches
Waldron District Library
Wright-Waldron Fire Dept.

Hillsdale County Cities
City of Hillsdale
City of Hillsdale Official Website
A Gov't Directory - City of Hillsdale
City of Hillsdale Parks
Hillsdale Community Library
City of Litchfield
Government Directory, City of Litchfield
Litchfield City Web Site
Litchfield District Library
City of Reading
A Gov't Directory - City of Reading
City of Reading Website

Other Government Links

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Economic Development
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