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Camden`s Early Churches and School`s
First preaching of the gospel in town was during the winter of 1839, when Rev. Mr. Smith, a Methodist itinerant held services at E. T. Chesters house. Meetings were held occasionally by the Baptist at an early day, they being preached by Hezeiah Barber, a resent of the town. They did not however, organize a regular church. The Methodist continued their meetings and about 1841, the conference sent a circuit preacher named Rev. Isaac Bennett to this section, and he preached here for sometime.
Rev. J .H. Peitzel, who had been a missionary among the Indians, also preached here several times. In 1854, the first regular class was formed and among the members were Dr. & Mrs. James Cough, Joseph & Maria Seeley, John and Hildah Myers, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Huggett, Mr. & Mrs. John Bean, Mr. & Mrs. Fitzsimmons, Mr. & Mrs. Chauncey Haynes, Mr. & Mrs. Zebulon Parker, Mrs. Joseph Ricks, Mrs. Harvey Seeley and Mrs. James Buchanan. Rev. William Doust was the first regular preacher and he was sent here by the Conference of 1854. Dr. James Cough was the first Class-Leader. The first board of trustees was elected in 1869, and was composed as follows, Zalmon H. Gray, Thomas Fitzsimmons, John B. Alward, Nathan Alvord, Easton T. Chester, S. W. Shuefeldt, John Meyers. Nathan Alvord was the Secretary of the board, and J.B. Alward was Treasurer and also the secretary of the Quarterly Conference. S. W. Shuefeldt was class-leader and steward.
A Sabbath-school was connected with the church in 1854. John Seeley was the first superintendent and M.L. Perego, incumbent. John B. Alward, secretary. The school was prosperous and, numbered about 75 members. Mrs. Hortense Oliver who played the organ at the dedication of the first Methodist Church shown on the page with the pictures of first and second Methodist churches, also played at the dedication of the second church after the first church burned. The church that is at the same location today is the 3rd church as the second church also burned a few years ago.
The first church was erected in 1873, finished in 1874 and dedicated to the worship of God in December of the latter year.

Camdens first School [Click here to view full size picture]
It is widely know among Camden`s older generation the story; The teacher of this first school would spread sawdust on the floor of the classroom, its purpose to deaden the sound of the older boys` heavy shoes while walking.
Camden`s 2nd school [Click here to view full size picture]
This School building, Camden`s second, was erected in 1873 at the sum of $3.500.00 and was in operation 1873 to 1901.
3rd school [Click here to view full size picture]
The third School was in use from 1901 until 1952
Camden Methodist Church [Click here to view full size picture]
The first church was erected in 1873, finished in 1874 and dedicated to the worship of God in December of the latter year. It was a brick building, 35 feet wide by 53 feet long. It cost $4,500.00, and seated about 400.
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