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Unfortunately, the Maps section of our website is not functioning anymore. There is a problem that will require us to update our software. While that is in the plans, we do not have a timeline for when this will work again. In the meantime, please visit http://gis.hillsdale.us for any maps of Hillsdale County. Thank you. 


Hillsdale County GIS and the Land Information Access Association gathered the collection of maps (listed below) in this Community Center from a variety of Federal, State, and Local government sources. These sources include the Environmental Protection Agency, US Census Bureau, US Department of Agriculture, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, Hillsdale County among others. Local field teams participating in the development of the Community Center will be collecting information such as historic sites or points of interest for specific communities and maps will be created showing these points.

We highly recommend that if this is your first time viewing the Community Center Maps, you take a few minutes to use the Map Instructions below to familiarize yourself with these unique map viewing screens. A few of the map features or "tools" available while you are viewing a map include Overlays, Zoom and Search. Some of the overlays are listed below. The Zoom feature allows you to see details in a close-up of an area. Whether zoomed in or out, you can always click on a road to learn its name, or on the small outlined boxes that will give you such information as Township or City name, Lake name, Zoning District label - depending on the map you are viewing. The Search feature allows you to search for a parcel number or property owner.

The maps should be used in conjunction with information available in the Land Use Planning and Community Information areas of the Community Center. They are intended to promote more informed land use planning, helping to protect our natural resources and the things we care about in our communities. As part of the GIS effort, training is available from the Hillsdale County Michigan State University Extension office on the use of GIS.

For comments or questions on this map index or training opportunities, please contact the webmaster of this site: webmaster@co.hillsdale.mi.us.

The Map Index and Maps work best with Internet Explorer.

Map Instructions

Map Instructions
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Land Use and Natural Resources Maps

The maps on this map group have been compiled from a variety of sources including the Hillsdale County GIS Program, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, National Wetlands Inventory and USGS among others.

Ownership & Planning Maps

NOTE: Property information is currently under development in the County. Digital information is available for only a few townships at the present time. Please notify the Equalization Department or the County GIS Committee of any errors, but be aware that the maps are currently undergoing development and correction and are available here for general use only. Always verify for accuracy any ownership information with the Equalization Department.

Land Use (1978)
Major Watersheds
Pre-settlement Vegetation
Wetlands (1978)
National Wetlands Inventory
Bedrock Geology
Surficial Geology
Potential Groundwater Recharge Areas
Sites of Environmental Contamination
State Land Ownership
Topographic Contours
Natural Resources & Recreation - Sites of Interest
Aerial Orthophotos
Base Map
Assessed Value
Property Acreage
Most Recent Sale Date
Most Recent Sale Value
Commisioner Districts
School Districts
Aerial Orthophotos
Base Map

Soils Maps

This Soils data comes from the Soil Survey of Hillsdale County conducted by the USDA and NRCS. The maps displayed in this section map specific soil characteristics based on the soil descriptions for each soil unit.

Census Maps

The year 2000 Census data was derived from Michigan's Census 2000 (SF1, Summary File 1) released in 2001 and (SF3, Summary File 3) released in 2002.

Soil Surface Texture
Depth to High Water Table
Dwellings with Basement Limits
Small Commercial Building Limits
Topsoil Use Limits
Erosion Potential
Prime Farmlands
Hydrologic Soils Groups
Hydric Soils
Flood Frequency
Aerial Orthophotos
Base Map
Total Population in 2000
Population Density in 2000
Number of Households in 2000
People Under Age 18 in 2000
People 65 and Older in 2000
Number of Renter Occupied Households in 2000
Per Capita Income in 2000
Total Housing Units in 2000
Housing Density in 2000
Average Commute to Work in 2000
Median Housing Value in 2000
% of People Without High School Diploma in 2000
% of Persons in Poverty in 200
Total Population in 1990
Population Density in 1990
Aerial Orthophotos
Base Map

Points of Interest

Historic Sites

Village of Allen Points of Interest
Allen Twp. Historic Sites
Hillsdale City Historic Sites

Hillsdale Township

Assessed Value
Land Use Plan
Business & Industry
Economic Development
Hometown Partnerships
Community Services
Cultural Resources
Natural Resources & Recreation
Test Area
Planning & Zoning in Michigan
Tools & Techniques
Laws & References