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Wildlife Diversity in Hillsdale County

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Hillsdale County is home to a variety of animals due to the wide variety of habitats present.. For more information about Wildlife and Wildlife Resources in Hillsdale County, review the sections on this page.
Wildlife Abounds [Click here to view full size picture]

Species in Hillsdale County

Species in Hillsdale County

Common Species:
Many game and nongame animal species thrive in the County. The Eastern wild Turkey was recently introduced and continues to expand in numbers.
Clicking on a name in this list will take you to a DNR site with more information.

Aquatic Species

Nusiance Species:
Several nusiance animal species exist in Hillsdale County. Coyote, woodchuck, racoon, deer, and even Canadian Geese create conflict with people. The Michigan State University Extension Office at 20 Care Drive in Hillsdale maintains a list of current Wildlife Removal Specialists(517-439-9301).

Threatened & Endangered Species:
There are 20 threatened or endangered species present in Hillsdale County. The local Natural Resources Conservation Service maintains a list of these species at the Field Office at 588 Olds St., Building#2, Jonesville, Mi. 49250. The Nature Conservancy is actively working with landowners in the southwestern portion of Hillsdale County to protect and improve the water quality of The East Fork of The St. Joseph of The Maumee.This Group is working to protect several species of fresh water mussels(clams).

Attracting Wildlife:
Various species of wildlife can be attracted by improving available cover and habitat, planting food plots, and developing watering facilities. For local information and assistance contact the Michigan State University Extension Service or The Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Links to maps available soon.
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