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Michigan Lakes and Streams Associations, Inc
Click here to view full size picture ML&SA is a 501-c3 non-profit federal tax deductible corporation, made up of organizations, corporations, associations and individuals who share an interest in the use and maintenance of Michigan's WATER resources.

The corporation was organized in 1961 and now includes over 150 individual members, and more than 350 lake, river and stream associations whose aggregate membership exceeds 100,000.

The primary goal of ML&SA is to assist lake, river and stream, and watershed associations and individual riparian property owners in their management of their investment in waterfront property.

Another goal of equal importance is to prevent the degradation, contamination and pollution of the surface waters of the state of Michigan.

P.O. Box 249
Three Rivers, MI 49093
616/273-2919 (fax)
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