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Michigan Trailways
This law (MCL 324.72102-72303) provides for designation of a trailway as a “Michigan Trailway.” Such trailways must be determined, among other things, to have the potential to be a segment of a statewide network of trailways. or to attract a substantial share of its users from beyond the local area. The legislature has found that such a system of statewide trailways will provide various public benefits including the protection of open space, cultural and historical resources, and habitat for wildlife and plants; as well as, link communities, parks, and natural resources, etc. Land upon which the trailway is located must be owned by the state or governmental unit, or otherwise be under such long-term control through a lease, easement, or other arrangement. Thus, a property owner may grant an easement or lease to the state or local government for the purpose of seeking state trailway designation.
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