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Land Use Lingo - A Glossary of Land Use Terms
Every profession has its lingo, that is to say its list of frequently used terms familiar to practitioners of that profession. This is certainly the case within the fields of land-use planning and regulation. A lingo is developed and defined by those who use it often, and works effectively to specify and to clarify statements made between professionals.

Communication problems arise, however, when a lingo is used outside of its professional circles.
“Outsiders” may become confused and lost in the various terms and their usage. It is therefore necessary for a group, when embarking on a new subject, to define the terms and phrases that they are developing in order to promote adequately interpersonal ommunication and to allow newcomers to adapt more easily to a professional

The Glossary available below was prepared by the Wisconsin Department on Natural Resources, but contains many of terms used in Land Use across the country.

Land Use Lingo

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