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Michigan Farm Bureau
About Michigan Farm Bureau
Michigan Farm Bureau is the state's largest general farm organization, with over 175,000 family members in 68 county Farm Bureaus. We have members from all over, from all walks of life -- from rural, urban and suburban Michigan.

They belong to Farm Bureau for many reasons. Some join to take action on behalf of agriculture, the state's second largest industry. Others join to support Farm Bureau policies. Farm Bureau works on the local level, in Lansing and in Washington D.C. to support action not just on farm issues, but on many of the same things you're concerned about: protection of private property rights and the quality of the rural environment, tax policies and economic growth, and the quality and safety of our food supply.

Still other families belong to Farm Bureau so they can take advantage of our wide range of outstanding member benefits. Whatever the reason, becoming a part of the Farm Bureau family means joining with other people who share the goal of a prosperous economy and a safe society today and for the future.

Michigan Farm Bureau
7373 West Saginaw Highway
P.O. Box 30960
Lansing, MI 48909-8460

(517) 323-7000
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